Lord we pray "Help me to continually increase parish vitality and reflect the presence of Christ in the world."

Donate Online

St. Joseph has 2 options for electronic donations.

  1. The first option - You can have your donation deposited directly into our bank account using Chase QuickPay with Zelle. It's very easy, go to https://www.zellepay.com/ and click on "Get Started" and then select your bank from the list.
      • When asked for our e-mail address enter stjosephschurch@hotmail.com and your donation will be deposited to our Chase Bank account within minutes. Our e-mail address identifies our Chase Bank account.
      • There is also a Zelle smart phone app that you can get from Google Play or the AppStore.
  2. The second option - is a method the Archdiocese has setup for parishes.  Credit cards, debit cards and e-checks can be used with this method; there is also a spot to put your envelope number or other memo.  For instance you can put (envelope # then SVDP; or envelope # and then Seeds of Hope, etc). With this option you will select our parish - 10027 St. Joseph, Indianapolis. The parishes are listed in alphabetical order but it's a little confusing because our number is in front of our name. Go to www.archindy.org/Giving and enter your information. 
  3. The third option - If you currently pay bills online you can set up St. Joseph as a payee using your bill pay service and make donations that way. 

St. Joseph's has always been able to rely on parishioners for support.  Whether it is time, talent or treasure our parishioners step up to give what they can.  In this time when we are not having public mass, St. Joseph's Church still needs your support.  Please consider on-line giving as a way to make your contribution and save yourself a stamp. 

Thank you for all that you do!  Stay safe as we all do our part in response to the corona virus, COVID-19.