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Crucifixion Display Vandalized at New York Church


Supreme Court Will Consider Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban


Religious Persecution Worldwide, Swiss Guard in Rome, Same-Sex Unions in Germany


Pope Francis Appoints New Bishop of Hong Kong: Father Stephen Chow


Gaza parish priest describes a 'very bad' situation, endless violence and open conflict (AsiaNews)

Father Gabriel Romanelli said that “the structure of the church is holding; the school has suffered collateral damage related to the bombings, as has the convent of the Sisters of the Rosary, but all the nuns are doing well.”

In China, illegitimate priestly ordinations for a 'diocese' that does not exist for the Holy See (AsiaNews)

This article is a follow-up to an earlier AsiaNews article.

Papal support for the Italian Charismatic Consultation (Vatican News)

Pope Francis sent a video message to participants in the meeting.

Catholic schools are losing students at record rates, and hundreds are closing (Wall Street Journal)

“At least 209 of the country’s nearly 6,000 Catholic schools have closed over the past year,” according to the report. “Nationwide, Catholic school enrollment fell 6.4% at the start of this school year, the largest single-year decline since the NCEA [National Catholic Educational Association] began tracking such data in the 1970s.”