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Archbishop Sample elected to USCCB executive committee (Pillar)

Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland (OR), “who is regarded as a theologically ‘conservative’ — influenced primarily by the theology of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope St. John Paul II — joins like-minded bishops on the executive committee, even while the most outspoken American cardinals in recent years, McElroy and Cupich, represent a different theological worldview, and have often claimed a close intellectual alignment with Pope Francis,” according to the report.

Church in Ireland aims to boost priestly vocations with new program (Our Sunday Visitor)

The bishops of Ireland have announced a Year of Vocations to the Diocesan Priesthood. The year’s theme is “Take the Risk for Christ.”

St. Patrick's Day blessings from Irish bishops' president (Vatican News)

In his message for St. Patrick’s Day, Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh, the Primate of All Ireland, emphasized that St. Patrick is a “saint for all the world” and a patron of victims of human trafficking, as the saint himself as enslaved as a youth.

Why priests steal — researchers look to 'fraud triangle' in parish life (Pillar)

Only 60% of Canadian children live with married parents (Institute for Family Studies)

In 2021, 60% of Canadian children (age 0-14) lived with married parents, according to the Institute for Family Studies. 17% lived with common-law parents, and 19% lived with single parents.

In the historically Catholic province of Quebec, only 39% of children lived with married parents in 2021. 39% lived with common-law parents, and 20% lived with single parents.

Spanish monastery admits girls to choir for first time in 700-year history (The Guardian)

The monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, has established a mixed choir in addition to its boys’ choir.

Synod of Bishops' preparatory commission holds 1st meeting (CNS)

Cardinal Mario Grech, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, recently established a preparatory commission for the 16th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will convene in October 2023 and again in October 2024.

The preparatory commission held its first meeting from March 13 to 16. Members were “told they will read and review all the reports from the continental stage of the synod reflection, assist in preparing the synod working document and help during the synod itself,” according to the report.

Pope hears confessions, launching this year's '24 Hours for the Lord' (Aleteia)

On March 17, Pope Francis presided at a penitential service at Santa Maria delle Grazie a Via Trionfale, a church in Rome just outside of Vatican City, as part of the 10th annual 24 Hours for the Lord initiative (photographs, video).

In his homily, Pope Francis reflected on the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. The Pontiff described the Sacrament of Reconciliation as “a festal encounter that heals the heart and leaves us with inner peace. Not a human tribunal to approach with dread, but a divine embrace in which to find consolation.”

Papal praise for humanitarian corridors, which 'break down the walls of indifference' (Vatican Press Office)

The Sant’Egidio Community, together with the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy and the Waldensians, reached an agreement with the Italian government in 2016 to bring refugees from Syria and other nations to Italy.

On March 18, Pope Francis addressed refugees—including more recent Ukrainian refugees—who have benefited from these humanitarian corridors, along with those who have assisted them (photographs, video).

“Humanitarian corridors build bridges that many children, women, men, and older persons fleeing from unstable and gravely dangerous situations cross in order to arrive safely, legally and with dignity, in their host countries,” the Pope said to those gathered in Paul VI Audience Hall. “These corridors cross borders and, more importantly, break down the walls of indifference that have shattered the hopes of so many people who have waited for years in painful and unbearable situations.”

Scripture offers examples of good and bad politics, Pope tells Italian young people (Vatican Press Office)

On March 18, Pope Francis received young people who are part of the Italian bishops’ Progetto Policoro (description).

The Old Testament examples of Ahab and Joseph, “one negative, the other positive, help us understand what kind of spirituality can fuel politics,” the Pope said to those gathered in Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace (photographs). “Your concern should not be electoral consensus or personal success, but involving people, generating entrepreneurship, making dreams flourish, making people feel the beauty of belonging to a community. Participation is the balm on the wounds of democracy.”