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A Bleak Year for Christian Unity Concludes


Two of Father Rupnik’s Alleged Victims Speak Publicly for the First Time


Canadian Christian leaders issue joint pastoral letter on Ukraine ( Canadian Council of Churches)

Christian leaders across Canada, including the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, have signed a joint pastoral letter on Ukraine.

“Not since World War II has Europe experienced the violence and destruction it now experiences as a result of Russia’s invasion,” the signatories wrote, as they called for prayer for peace, support for refugees, and “diplomatic steps toward a just and sustainable peace.”

DR Congo bishops plead for prayers for peace as jihadist violence intensifies (ACI Africa)

The bishops of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (map) called for prayers for peace in the eastern part of the nation.

“Episodes of violence are increasing day by day in the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where a war between the army and armed groups has been ongoing for years,” the Vatican newspaper reported on February 21. “In North Kivu, at least 10 people were killed in a raid by suspected jihadists of the Allied Democratic Forces.”

Philippine bishops deplore Chinese incursions into territorial waters (Rappler)

Six Philippine bishops, led by Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan, have issued a statement deploring Chinese incursions into the Philippines’ territorial waters.

“It is no secret that the aggressive incursions of the Chinese into our maritime zones, resulting in the widespread destruction of coral reefs, marine sanctuaries and the habitat of fish and sea-dwelling animals has wrought havoc on the lives of our fisherfolk,” the bishops wrote.

“A policy of appeasing the Chinese aggressors is worsening the situation of our poor fisherfolk,” the bishops continued, as they called for “all legal means” to be used to counteract the incursions.

“If present diplomatic endeavors do not suffice, then it is permissible—morally necessary even—to have recourse to the friendship of allies who can help us defend what is ours,” they added.

'Opium' of new ministries erodes credibility of Catholicism, priest tells Nigeria's bishops (Crux)

In an address to Nigerian bishops at their February meeting, Father Anthony Akinwale warned that “we have witnessed an explosion of new religious communities, some with little or nothing in terms of spirituality and charism of consecrated life.”

Father Akinwale, a professor at Augustine University Ilara-Epe, said that “the populism of these ministries, the advertisement of un-authenticated miracles and prophecies, the opium these ministries administer on our people, erode the credibility of Christianity, of Catholicism in particular, in our country.”

The priest warned of a future in which people are “unable to see the difference between the Pentecostal pastor and a Catholic priest.”