Lord we pray "Help me to continually increase parish vitality and reflect the presence of Christ in the world."

Mission and Values

St. Joseph is a vibrant, active, caring and diverse community of gifted and talented men, women and youth; all the qualities necessary to fulfill our calling as Catholic Christians to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE our Lord.

The mission of St. Joseph’s Parish is to be a loving Catholic community serving the spiritual needs of our parish family and those of our neighbors as we aspire to grow in spirit and service as modeled by our patron, St. Joseph.  Our most valuable strength is our willingness to volunteer our time, talent and treasure.  Let us remember that stewardship is a way of life and that every person and all our individual gifts are blessings from God!

Our Catholic tradition teaches us at all times in our lives, we have an opportunity—and a responsibility—to share what we have been given.

The parish family of St. Joseph’s takes this profound opportunity and responsibility seriously; and understands the rewards are far greater than the sacrifice. This opportunity and responsibility has the following four parts which are the foundation for all our ministries and to those we serve:

• Receiving the gifts of God with gratitude.
• Cultivating them responsibly.
• Sharing them lovingly in justice with others, and;
• Standing before the Lord in a spirit of accountability.

The gifts (talents) we have received from God are:

• Our faith, hope, love, and joy.
• Our family love and relationships with others.
• Our time, intelligence, talents, and skills.
• Our imagination, compassion and vision, and;
• Creation in all its splendor

As Catholic Christians we are also called to take care of the world around us:

• We are called to work as partners with God in the redemption of the world.
• We are called to respect human life and dignity.
• We are called to protect the natural environment.
• We are called to share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure with others, and;
• We are called to communicate our enthusiasm.

Through the gift of God's grace we can expect to be rewarded by:

• Making a difference in people's lives.
• Becoming an active member of a fulfilling Catholic community.
• Discovering talents inside us, waiting to be used.
• Letting go of our worries and setting realistic goals in our spiritual, family and work life and;
• Experiencing the amazing increase in God's presence that comes with a partnership with the Lord.

It is up to each of us as individuals to determine or discern how God has called us to live out this responsibility in our individual lives; at St. Joseph we have numerous opportunities and responsibilities to consider.