Lord we pray "Help me to continually increase parish vitality and reflect the presence of Christ in the world."

Staff Member: Father Robert Hausladen

Staff Member: Father Robert Hausladen

Father Robert Hausladen

Phone: 317-244-9002
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Father Rob was ordained June 2, 2001 and was assigned to St. Joseph in July 2012. Father Rob comes to us with a number of wonderful gifts; most notably his amazing homilies. Coming from a high school teaching background Father Rob is an irreplaceable addition to our youth and RCIA programs. Despite numerous obstacles, he has led the way for the renovation of the interior of St. Joseph's church. With Father's help, team members of the Connected in the Spirit program have navigated the complex process of identifying our strengths and weaknesses and making the changes necessary for St. Joseph's to continue its two-fold mission of outreach to the westside of Indianapolis; and, building a strong, vibrant and faith-filled parish family for ourselves, our children and for years to come. Father Rob is an invaluable gift to the St. Joseph parish family.

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