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Turkish government official, Pontiff discuss Mideast peace, threats to family (@DIBAliErbas)

Pope Francis received Ali Erbaş, the president of the Turkish government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs, in an April 13 audience.

Erbaş tweeted that he handed the Pope a letter from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Erbaş said he told the Pontiff that “permanent peace and stability in the Middle East will not be possible without an urgent solution to the Palestine-Israel issue” and that “Jerusalem, which is the symbol of peace and coexistence, is under Israeli oppression.”

Erbaş said that he and the Pontiff also discussed threats to the family and the care of the environment.

Papal tribute to life lessons of past Spaniards (Vatican Press Office)

Pope Francis received mayors of Spain’s world heritage cities (Grupo Ciudades Patrimonio de la Humanidad) on April 13.

“I think that our interest in heritage cannot be limited to the artistic and cultural sphere, but should have a broader outlook, embracing the entirety of the person who receives this legacy and the peoples who have handed it down,” the Pope said in prepared remarks that were handed to participants.

“The historical situations—with their lights and shadows—speak to us of real men and women, with authentic sentiments, who should be lessons of life for us, before being museum pieces,” he added.

Pope makes unannounced visit to catechism class (CNS)

Pope Francis made an unannounced visit to a children’s catechism class at San Giovanni Maria Vianney Parish in Rome on April 11.

The Pope discussed the importance of prayer and thanksgiving to God. He also gave the children rosaries and chocolate Easter eggs.

The papal visit marked the inauguration in the Pope’s diocese of “schools of prayer,” an initiative that is part of the 2024 Year of Prayer.

Malawi's bishops deplore abduction, torture of nun (ACI Africa)

The bishops of Malawi deplored “in the strongest terms” the abduction, torture, and assault of a nun in Zomba, a city of 100,000.

The nuns was abducted by “unknown occupants of a car that stopped for her, pretending to be good Samaritans,” the bishops said.

Malawi, a southeastern African nation of 21.3 million (map), is 80% Christian (32% Catholic), 15% Muslim, and 5% ethnic religionist.

Crib, carpentry workshop, forest: papal encouragement for scout projects (Vatican Press Office)

Pope Francis received members of the National Council of the Italian Catholic Scout Movement for Adults on April 13 and commented on three of the movement’s projects: giving “a thermal crib to the Lampedusa First Aid and Reception Centre; building a nautical carpentry workshop in Zambia; and planting a forest in Argenta, Romagna.”

In commented on the projects, the Pontiff lamented Italy’s low birth rate, paid tribute to the dignity of work (while criticizing arms production), and rued ecological damage.

“It is good for you to continue to be an open and caring community, ready to welcome, listen and accompany those whom the Lord places in your path; a prophetic community courageously proclaiming the Gospel and eager to step out of your own circle to meet others, especially those who inhabit the existential peripheries of your time,” the Pope concluded.

Vatican letter marks National Day for the University of the Sacred Heart (Vatican Press Office)

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Holy See’s Secretary of State, has sent a letter to Archbishop Mario Delpini of Milan to mark the 100th National Day for the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

Founded in Milan by Father Agostino Gemelli, OFM, in 1921, the university has grown to some 40,000 students.

“The urgency of offering young people the best conditions to build the future starting from the present was perceived fully by the founders of the Catholic University, who wished to catalyze the attention of the entire ecclesial community around the nascent university, obtaining from Pope Pius XI the institution of a specific national Day,” Cardinal Parolin wrote.

“Precisely 14 April marks 40 years since the first great gathering of young people who, organized in the context of the Holy Year of Redemption, became the seed from which the World Youth Days blossomed,” Cardinal Parolin added, referring to St. John Paul II’s initiative.