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St. Joseph's Community Garden

"He who owns a garden,
However small it be,
Whose hands have planted in it
Flower or Bush or Tree;
He who watches patiently
The growth from nurtured,
Who thrills a newly opened bloom
Is very close to God." 
       -  Katherine Edelman, He Who Owns a Garden


There are still spaces available in St. Joe’s Community Garden.  If you are interested in gardening, but you don’t have space at home, you live in an apartment, or maybe you just don’t feel like plowing up your grass, this is a great opportunity to start gardening.  Plots are 10 ft X 10 ft for just $10 for the growing season.  The garden is plowed spring and fall, so the soil is fairly easy to work with.  There is also a water spigot next to the garden, so you can keep your garden watered regularly if needed.  


Now is the time to get your plants in the ground.  It is past the point where you need to worry about a hard frost.  It is still early enough that there is plenty of time for you plants to mature in time for harvest.  If you would like to reserve a garden plot, call Karen Ferris at 503-4049 or e-mail at [email protected].