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Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Augustine Home

On Sunday, March 1st, two Sisters from Little Sisters of the Poor visited our parish seeking support for their mission.  This was the day where we awoke to several inches of snow.  When I headed out to attend Mass, I didn't know if I was going to make it off my street.    The snow was deep enough that I had to back my van up to get going forward several times in order to make it on the main road.  I contemplated going back home.  In order to go home, I realized I would have to turn around in the very snow I was having trouble getting through, so I opted to go forward onto the main road.  Fortunately, I found that the main roads were in better condition, and the rest of my drive was not nearly as treacherous as it had begun.  Attendance was low this Sunday because of the snow and resulting poor road conditions, so  I thought I would write a little about the Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Augustine Home, to help promote their cause.

St. Augustine Home is a home for the neediest on the elderly, where they are cared for as family and their needs are attended to around the clock until they are called home by God.  During their stay, the staff strives to bring joy to the residents lives by encouraging activity, volunteerism, and providing a lively pastoral program.  The Sisters adhere to all the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, most notably the teachings regarding the sanctity of life.  Compassionate care and accompaniment of the dying is the summit of the Little Sisters of the Poor's mission. 

Little Sisters of the Poor

St. Augustine Home is local, located on the north side of Indianapolis on 86th Street, near St. Vincent's Hospital.  The Sisters, in the tradition of Saint Jeanne Jugan, look to find the means to provide for the aging poor from the surrounding community.  They visit markets, businesses, and parishes asking for prayers and financial support.  It was in this spirit that they visited St. Joseph's Parish last weekend, seeking support for their mission.  Please consider assisting this local mission with your prayers and charitable contributions.  You can visit the website below to learn more about this wonderful mission. 

Little Sisters of the Poor Website



  • Karen Ferris

    What a wonderful story of the great work they do at St. Augustine Home!

  • Patty Arthur

    I love the Little Sisters!

    My friend Sr. Diane Carollo who lives alone in what she calls a condovent (a combination of condo and convent) recently had a knee replacement at St. Vincent Hospital. Because her insurance would not cover in-patient rehab, St. Vincent was making plans to discharge Sister Diane to her condovent to fend for herself, negotiating stairs, fixing meals and other activities of daily living while just barely being able to take a few steps with a walker.

    As God would have it, he called home one of his own at the St. Augustine Home. This miraculously made a place for Sister to be welcomed by the Little Sisters of the Poor who cared for her while she recovered from knee surgery and participated in intense physical therapy. Because of the loving care of the staff at St. Augustine's, Sister was well enough to go home after about 3 weeks.

    The Little Sister do wonderful work!

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