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Go Forth the Mass is Ended


"Go forth, the Mass is ended," these are familiar words to faithful Catholics.  These or similar words are said by the priest during the dismissal of the Mass.  Have you ever considered the true depth of these words?  They have a very deep meaning while at the same time giving us a very important responsibility. 

In Sean Fitzpatrick's article We Are Sent Forth: All Are Apostles he says, "There are many words that are more than mere words. The words of the Holy Mass are such, being fraught with a power and purpose that flies far beyond immediate meaning. Some command miracles, such as the words of consecration. Others command missions, such as the celebrant’s dismissal when the Mass is ended. The end of every Mass is intended as a beginning. The word, “Mass,” is derived from “dismissal,” which is rooted in the idea of many people being sent forth upon different ways on a common mission. The priest’s dismissal, therefore, is not merely a statement inviting the congregation to take their leave, but rather a restatement of Christ’s commandment to His apostles: (Read More)