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St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Giveaway

St. Joseph’s St. Vincent de Paul Society is up to their usual tricks this Advent Season!  They are collecting gifts, food and money to help those in need in the local community surrounding our parish.  Each Christmas they distribute gifts to children and food baskets to families in need.  This year they will be handing out these items on Saturday, December 19th in Elford Hall.  In addition to the gifts and food, they set out all the items that have been donated to St. Vincent de Paul throughout the year so people can pick up things that they may need.  There will be clothes, toiletries, dishes, bedding, etc. from which they may choose.

Here is how we all can contribute.  There is a Giving Tree located in the narthex which is covered in snowflakes and gingerbread men.  Each snowflake has a food item listed that is needed to provide the food baskets that the St. Vincent de Paul Society prepares.  Each gingerbread man has the name and age of a child on it.  Pick up a snowflake and buy the food item listed on it, then bring it back to the church.  Pick out a gingerbread man, buy a gift for the child listed, wrap it, and bring it back to the church.  They are also taking monetary donations.  There are envelopes on the side of the Giving Tree that you can put your contribution in, then just put it into the collection basket at Mass.  Please have all food, gifts, and envelopes returned to the church by December 13th, so there is plenty of time for St. Vincent de Paul to get everything organized for the big give away.  


We are uniquely situated in a community that can truly benefit from what we all have to give.  This is our chance to share our bounty with those who are less fortunate.  St. Vincent de Paul is an important arm of our Parish that helps us minister to those in need right in our local area.  Please support them with your contributions and your prayers.